Diamond Computer

$2,950.00/set x 2 = $5,900.00 with our installation and training on your premises include
  • 2 hardware computers
  • 2 software programs
  • 2 touch screen moniters
  • 2 invoice thermal printers
  • 2 cash registers
  • 2 tag printers
  • 1 shipping
  • 1 installation & on-site training
  • no sales taxes included but use taxes may applied by yourself
  • 1 year warranty for hardwares
  • $5,600.00 with your installation and our online support if you have an internet access on premises.

    Payment Terms: 50% downpayment and 50% after installation

    Payable to: Diamond Computer Service

    Shipping within 1 week after downpayment

    HQ website > http://www.diamondcomputerservice.com

    So. Cal Sales: John Bae (562) 457-0001, Mr. Shoewash since 2002 http://www.shoewash.com

    Author: anyFav.com

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