Be Checkin·ful by Listing at Check·in Directory

  1. The more reviewed (checked-in), The better rated.
  2. Most of your customers love your service. (9:1)
  3. Let them simply check in. Send Feedback.
    • Listing only for $50.00/year
    • $70.00/500 tags, $90.00/1,000 tags

8 Reasons Why You~Should Use~Check-In~

Check-in Offers reward customers with a special offer when they “check-in” to your business on Yelp. By checking in, they broadcast to their friends on Yelp that they’re at your business, so the offer can encourage new visitors and reward loyal customers.

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Pay online at or mail your check: MR. SHOEWASH, 12544 Centralia St, Lakewood, CA 90715. (562) 833-2544 (Text Only)

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