The more reviewed, The better rated 📈 Most of your customers love your service. Just do it with your Special iCards. 评论越多,评分越高。 您的大多数客户都喜欢您的服务。 只需使用您的特殊iCard即可。Pínglùn yuè duō, píngfēn yuè gāo. Nín de dà duōshù kèhù dōu xǐhuān nín de fúwù. Zhǐ xū shǐyòng nín de tèshū iCard jí kě.

We support your SNS (Special & Social)

  • Special iPage for $70.00/year* + Free 500 iCards
  • Social on facebook
* Pay $70.00/year on Paypal @ or Make check payable and mail to MR. SHOEWASH, 12544 Centralia St, Lakewood, CA 90715
** Selected for free 1/6/2019 ~ 4/5/2020 (90 days) estimated 190 - 550 people per day but pay $2.00/day to keep posting or it'll be paused with no prior notice.

Display your iCards & iPosters to let them scan it or take one.

  • 1/6/2020 ~ iPgaed by John and promoted on facebook until 4/5/20

Send feedback or text John Bae (562) 833-2544 or email at

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